Hawk Nest Watch 2001

Red-shouldered Hawks (Buteo lineatus elegans)
San Mateo County CA USA

Edgewood County Park, in San Mateo County CA USA, was again home to nesting red-shouldered hawks in Spring 2001. The nesting pair shared brooding duties in March and April; three chicks hatched April 16 through 18 and started fledging May 21, approximately 35 days later.

Digibird.com maintained a photographic nest watch and posted progress reports every few days. You can follow events in the nest by clicking on the thumbnails below. Two nestlings fledged successfully from this nest last year.

Daily nest updates:
Click to see Apr 15
April 15
Click to see Apr 18
April 18
Click to see Apr 19
April 19
Click to see Apr 23
April 23
Click to see Apr 25
April 25
Click to see Apr 29
April 29
Click to see May 4
May 4
Click to see May 8
May 8
Click to see May 11
May 11
Click to see May 14
May 14
Click to see May 17
May 17
Click to see May 21
May 21
Click to see May 24
May 24
Click to see May 29
May 29
Click to see June 5
June 5
Click to see June 15
June 15

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