Edgewood's Red-Shouldered Hawks, Spring 2000

These photos were taken at dusk of the last day I saw the fledges (June 23). (These images are of the same bird--the other fledge is in a nearby tree). The tree here is about 100 meters from the nest. Both fledges had become skilled fliers and could be heard calling to each other frequently, long before (and after) being seen.

Now nine weeks old, the fledges no longer sought support from their parents or the nest. They had only their instincts, and luck, to protect them now.

I last saw the fledges just after sunset. One had pursued a jay into thick trees. This one followed a few moments later, and then they disappeared in the twilight. I often wonder where they are now--if they migrated together, if they recognize each other, if they'll return next year to Edgewood Park. I'll be waiting for them.

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